FATF 2023: Zion Lion

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Zion Lion is the “baddest band to hit the Kalamazoo music scene”. FATF fans may remember them from last year’s series. Our crowd was up dancing and having a great time! The members are a combination of several bands from the Kalamazoo area that crossed each other’s path along the way and decided to form what we believe to be the right mix of reggae, African zouk, mucosa, zoukous, and some Afro-Latin influences. Mark your calendars for July 7th at 7pm EST as Zion Lion returns to FATF with good vibes and good times!


Who are the members of the “baddest band to hit the Kalamazoo music scene”? Find out in our interview with Myra Atkinson (lead vocalist & steel pan for Zion Lion), and catch their exciting performance at FATF July 7th!

THE YPC: What kind of music/instruments do you enjoy playing the most?
ZL: We love playing reggae and socca. For me it’s the steel pan.

THE YPC: What is your funniest memory about playing a show or being on tour?
ZL: We were headed to a festival in Kentucky and one of our former members from Africa asked if we could stop and get Kentucky Fried Chicken.

THE YPC: What are you most excited about for FATF?
ZL: Love the ambience of the fountain in the background while performing!

THE YPC: What is your biggest achievement thus far?
ZL: Opening up for international reggae acts that we only dreamt of.

THE YPC: If you could make an instrument out of a piece of food, what would it be?
ZL: A carrot into a flute.