FATF 2023: Brothers Proper


The Brothers Proper power trio hails from the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek area and bring an eclectic set of original takes on classic blues, jazz, soulful Motown funk, as well as some heartfelt originals. Known and loved for their low volume, easy listening groove, Brothers Proper will bring a musical energy that will transport you to “The Center of the Universe”. Though not proper brothers, the energy and musical connection of these 3 musicians become one united sound and groove, leaving you knowing why they are called the “Brothers Proper”. Get groovy with the Brothers Proper – properly – June 23rd at 7pm EST at The Youngish Professionals Committee’s first #FridaysAtTheFountain show of 2023!

JUNE 23 – Brothers Proper

Get to know the Brothers Proper in this fun interview with lead guitar & vocalist, Tom Hutchinson!

THE YPC: What kind of music/instruments do you enjoy playing the most?
BP: Funk, Blues and jazz are my favorite genres and I only play Fender Telecasters.

THE YPC: What is your funniest memory about playing a show or being on tour?
BP: As most Brothers Proper fans know, always play barefoot. I was once playing a backyard party & I stepped off the stage onto the wet grass (with my electric guitar). I got shocked so bad, it threw me into the drum-set. However, the band never stopped playing and I eventually got up and finished the song.

THE YPC: What are you most excited about for FATF?
BP: This will be our first time playing at FATF and we are excited to play such a beautiful location.

THE YPC: What is your biggest achievement thus far?
BP: Opening for Backyard, Burgers and Brews festival in BC and playing to 5k people, what a rush!

THE YPC: If you could make an instrument out of a piece of food, what would it be?
BP: A guitar every day, and I made a Telecaster-Style guitar once out of a solid chunk of African Mahogany.