FATF 2023: Norman Light And Friends

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Guess who’s returning to #FridaysAtTheFountain? Marshall local and fan-favorite: Norman Light!

Performing at previous FATF’s with Chameleon and Rae of Light, we’re excited to have him close out this year’s event by bringing back Norman Light & Friends. The only thing guaranteed is that there’ll be a night of good music, with fantastic musicians. Playing songs that everyone knows from a wide range of genres, every show brings a different line-up that makes each experience unique and memorable. Don’t forget to join us for our last show at the fountain – August 18th at 7pm EST!

AUGUST 18 – Norman Light & Friends

Please give a warm welcome to FATF alum, Norman Light & Friends, and we’ll see you August 18th at 7pm EST!

THE YPC: What kind of music/instruments do you enjoy playing the most?
NL: Favorite instrument – guitar of course 🙂 And music? I love playing songs from all eras and all genres. I like playing a mix so that the youngest kid will find a song they like, all the way up to the grandparents enjoying the music together.

THE YPC: What is your funniest memory about playing a show or being on tour?
NL: Too many to remember, but so many funny times driving back and forth to Florida with my band Rae of Light.

THE YPC: What are you most excited about for FATF?
NL: Praying that we actually play at the actual fountain. We’ve been scheduled twice before: once it got canceled, and the other we relocated to Dark Horse. Still a great show/venue, but not the fountain!

THE YPC: What is your biggest achievement thus far?
NL: Writing our own songs that we’re proud of.

THE YPC: If you could make an instrument out of a piece of food, what would it be?
NL: A pineapple-tar.

FATF 2023: The RockShow

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The RockShow: The Ultimate Tribute to Journey must be seen and heard to be believed. This fun 80s rock tribute band will take you back to the days when Journey topped the charts playing all your favorite hits. When the band takes the stage, you will see and hear why fans all over the nation are raving about their Journey experience as Tommy K’s remarkable ‘Perryesque’ vocal performance will leave you amazed that it is not Steve Perry himself. Levi Goodwin (bass/vocals) and Chris Bartnikowski (drums/vocals) round out the Journey Tribute. The RockShow also performs covers from a variety of different 80s rock bands. Come rock out with us and The RockShow – August 4th at 7pm EST!


Get ready to rock out 🤘with The RockShow at FATF on August 4th! But first, let’s go on a little Journey with them in this interesting interview:

THE YPC: What kind of music/instruments do you enjoy playing the most?
TRS: Performing the music of Journey.

THE YPC: What is your favorite thing or special memory about Michigan?
TRS: Opening up for many National Artists such as Great White, Eddie Money, April Wine, Whitesnake, Tesla, Blue Oyster Cult, Firehouse, Ratt, The Guess Who, and many more!

THE YPC: What are you most excited about for FATF?
TRS: It will be our first time in Marshall in about 5 years.

THE YPC: What is your biggest achievement thus far?
TRS: Fremont Street, Las Vegas. (3 times) and opening up for many National Artists.

THE YPC: If you could compose a movie soundtrack, what sort of film would it be?
TRS: I (Tommy K) actually wrote the music for a documentary on the shipwrecks of the Great Lakes by Ric Mixter called “DEEP SIX” Titanics of the Great Lakes. It aired on PBS and is available online to purchase.

FATF 2023: Grace Theisen

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Grace Theisen is an Americana/Blues artist originally from Kalamazoo. Grace won Cari Cole’s Best New Artist of 2021, was named “Artist To Watch” by Local Spins in 2022, and was one of the “Top 10 Bands Heating Up The Summer” by Revue. From her 3rd EP, Dance With The Shadows, the Down To The River official music video won Best Americana Video & The Audience Choice Award at the 2022 Michigan Music Video Awards. Her newest single, “Wild Wild Woman”, is out now across all streaming platforms. Be sure to join us July 21st at 7pm EST for the highly anticipated performance of rising Americana/Blues artist, Grace Theisen!

Please give a warm welcome to rising artist (and Michigan native) Grace Theisen, in our pre-FATF interview, and see her live – July 21st at the Brooks Memorial Fountain!

THE YPC: What kind of music/instruments do you enjoy playing the most?
GT: Well obviously acoustic guitar because that is what I play but I am learning bass right now which has been a blast to learn! I LOVE swampy/blues slide guitar and that is my next venture to learn.

THE YPC: What is your funniest memory about playing a show or being on tour?
GT: In March I toured with my girlband, The Rebel Eves, and for the longest time people thought our name was actually “Therapy Elves” because our website (www.therebeleves.com) does look like that when the letters are so close together. We thought it was so hilarious and so accurate as to what our band is all about so we designed a summer festival t-shirt around it that will come out in July when we go on tour!

THE YPC: What are you most excited about for FATF?
GT: To expose Marshall to my incredible trio featuring the percussion queen herself, Carolyn Koebel and my main guitar Maestro, Adam Main!

THE YPC: What is your biggest achievement thus far?
GT: While it hasn’t happened yet. We get to play Frederick Meijer Gardens on June 6th which feels like a super huge honor. But also at the end of the day the fact that I get to call “playing music” my full-time job feels like a really huge deal considering Covid almost knocked out our entire industry. I am very new to pursuing this as I ran a nonprofit for almost all of my twenties so it’s only been the last 3 years that I have seriously pursued music as a career.

THE YPC: If you could make an instrument out of a piece of food, what would it be?
GT: Oh hands down I would make a guitar out of Werthers! They are my favorite candy… I literally eat them every night because, yes, I am 80 years-old in my soul.

FATF 2023: Zion Lion

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Zion Lion is the “baddest band to hit the Kalamazoo music scene”. FATF fans may remember them from last year’s series. Our crowd was up dancing and having a great time! The members are a combination of several bands from the Kalamazoo area that crossed each other’s path along the way and decided to form what we believe to be the right mix of reggae, African zouk, mucosa, zoukous, and some Afro-Latin influences. Mark your calendars for July 7th at 7pm EST as Zion Lion returns to FATF with good vibes and good times!


Who are the members of the “baddest band to hit the Kalamazoo music scene”? Find out in our interview with Myra Atkinson (lead vocalist & steel pan for Zion Lion), and catch their exciting performance at FATF July 7th!

THE YPC: What kind of music/instruments do you enjoy playing the most?
ZL: We love playing reggae and socca. For me it’s the steel pan.

THE YPC: What is your funniest memory about playing a show or being on tour?
ZL: We were headed to a festival in Kentucky and one of our former members from Africa asked if we could stop and get Kentucky Fried Chicken.

THE YPC: What are you most excited about for FATF?
ZL: Love the ambience of the fountain in the background while performing!

THE YPC: What is your biggest achievement thus far?
ZL: Opening up for international reggae acts that we only dreamt of.

THE YPC: If you could make an instrument out of a piece of food, what would it be?
ZL: A carrot into a flute.

Thank You for Wolf Tree 2022!

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Thank you from the filmmakers and staff of Wolf Tree 2022!

A big round of applause to our sponsors, the Franke Center For the Arts, host John Matthew Riopelle, the filmmakers, and our YPC friends & family. We were blown away by the screenings this year and hope to see you at the next one!


Best Actor……….Kate Black-Spence (Static Space)

Best Student Film……….A is for Apple

Best Comedy……….The Peace Pipeline

Best Drama……….Static Space

Best Documentary……….Perpetual Plastic

Best Animated……….A is for Apple

Best Horror……….Devils

Best in Festival……….Static Space

Audience Choice.……….The Peace Pipeline

Wolf Tree Film Festival 2022 FAQ’s

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YPC pals, it’s almost time for the Wolf Tree Film Festival! If you have any questions regarding our 2022 event, please check our FAQ’s below and we’ll see you soon.

CONTENT WARNING: Some films included in this festival contain mature content that may be inappropriate for young viewers and may be triggering for others. Viewer discretion is advised.



A: In its fourth year, the Wolf Tree Film Festival showcases films set in the Great Lakes region or that include themes or topics related to the region, as well as the work of filmmakers who reside in or grew up in the region.


A: The festival will take place at the Franke Center for the Arts in Marshall, MI (214 E. Mansion St. Marshall, MI 49068)* and will include screenings of each selected film, a Q&A with select filmmakers, an awards presentation, and a filmmaker roundtable with industry professionals.


A: Doors open at 6pm in the Downstage Club for a reception with the filmmakers and music with a DJ. Films roll at 7pm.


A: Screenings will feature nine Official Selections by The Wolf Tree Film Festival, listed above.


A: At this time, there are no options to watch virtually. If that changes, we will post information on how to do so.


A: The Franke Center requires all attendees to wear a mask when not eating or drinking.

*The festival will adhere to all public health and safety recommendations at the time of the event

If you have any other questions, please email jdarling (at) frankecenterforthearts (dot) org.

Official Selection: “The Peace Pipeline”

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The Wolf Tree Film Festival’s 9th and final Official Selection is “The Peace Pipeline” — Directed by Gitz Crazyboy & Tito Ybarra!

Comedians and activists, Gitz Crazyboy and Tito Ybarra, pose as an indigenous energy company sharing plans to reroute Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline through the wealthy white suburbs of Duluth, MN, to more fairly share the risks oil pipelines bring to indigenous lands—with shocking and hilarious results.

Get your #WolfTreeFilmFestival tickets here and we’ll see you soon!

Official Selection: “the I’s have it”

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The Wolf Tree Film Festival’s 8th Official Selection is “the I’s have it” — Directed by Kayla Schiltgen, a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersections of dance, film, and the natural environment. “the I’s have it” explores responding to the innermost voice.

Filmed in the dense forest of Northern Minnesota, the setting creates a space equal to the depths of one’s mind, challenging the dancer, cinematographer and viewer to allow themselves to get lost, listen deeply, and perhaps find something new.

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Official Selection: “Static Space”

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The Wolf Tree Film Festival’s 7th Official Selection is “Static Space” — Directed by John Klein & Kate Black-Spence. This film explores themes of connection, and the power of being heard.

Jamie is a young woman living in rural Indiana struggling to figure out her place and identity. When she inadvertently stumbles across a frequency on her ham radio and makes contact with astronaut Noa currently orbiting Earth, the two women are presented with the opportunity to find meaningful connection, even while worlds apart.

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Official Selection: “Perpetual Plastic”

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The Wolf Tree Film Festival’s 6th Official Selection is “Perpetual Plastic” — Directed by documentary filmmaker and Marshall native, Eric Ebner! Millions of single use plastics are discarded every day across the globe. What happens then?

Artist Liina Klauss attempts to visualize the journey of all disgraced plastics through her installation on a beach in Bali, Indonesia.

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