FATF 2023: The RockShow

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The RockShow: The Ultimate Tribute to Journey must be seen and heard to be believed. This fun 80s rock tribute band will take you back to the days when Journey topped the charts playing all your favorite hits. When the band takes the stage, you will see and hear why fans all over the nation are raving about their Journey experience as Tommy K’s remarkable ‘Perryesque’ vocal performance will leave you amazed that it is not Steve Perry himself. Levi Goodwin (bass/vocals) and Chris Bartnikowski (drums/vocals) round out the Journey Tribute. The RockShow also performs covers from a variety of different 80s rock bands. Come rock out with us and The RockShow – August 4th at 7pm EST!


Get ready to rock out 🤘with The RockShow at FATF on August 4th! But first, let’s go on a little Journey with them in this interesting interview:

THE YPC: What kind of music/instruments do you enjoy playing the most?
TRS: Performing the music of Journey.

THE YPC: What is your favorite thing or special memory about Michigan?
TRS: Opening up for many National Artists such as Great White, Eddie Money, April Wine, Whitesnake, Tesla, Blue Oyster Cult, Firehouse, Ratt, The Guess Who, and many more!

THE YPC: What are you most excited about for FATF?
TRS: It will be our first time in Marshall in about 5 years.

THE YPC: What is your biggest achievement thus far?
TRS: Fremont Street, Las Vegas. (3 times) and opening up for many National Artists.

THE YPC: If you could compose a movie soundtrack, what sort of film would it be?
TRS: I (Tommy K) actually wrote the music for a documentary on the shipwrecks of the Great Lakes by Ric Mixter called “DEEP SIX” Titanics of the Great Lakes. It aired on PBS and is available online to purchase.