2023 Wolf Tree Film Festival Official Selections


Wolf Tree proudly presents our 2023 🏆Official Selections🏆 for short films!

Every Wolf Tree is curated carefully and thoughtfully, from the programming to the production behind it. Our committee of fellow film and theatre aficionados invite you to experience Marshall’s own homegrown film festival – January 21, 2023 at 7pm! Join us at The Franke Center for an exciting evening of screenings and a mixer with the filmmakers and the YPC.

CW: Some films included in this festival contain mature content that may be inappropriate for young viewers and may be triggering for others. Viewer discretion is advised.

🎥 50 mL (MN) | Directed by Vanessa Powers

A drama about a young man who struggles with his sobriety while he and his wife host a holiday dinner with her dysfunctional family.

🎥 All for Naught | Directed by TL Westgate

A comedy about a hitman who thinks he’s on a routine mission, but he’s got another think coming.

🎥 An Apocalypse (IL) | Directed by Matt O’Connell

A drama about a lonely, sensitive boy and his doomsday-prepping father.

🎥 Blossom (Grand Rapids, MI) | Directed by Tanner Hamilton

A live-action animated short about a young girl and her imaginary friend, a silent and friendly monster.

🎥 Different (Detroit, MI) | Directed by Alexsys Giraud

A 7th grade student shares their thoughts about being Different.

🎥 JOY (Dearborn, MI) | Directed by Salim Laham

A foreign language drama about a pianist who suffers from conversion disorder, and the universal language of music.

🎥 Pressed (PA) | Directed by Michelle Elise Harding and Scott “Silent K” Knowlton

A drama about a seasoned journalist who reevaluates the role she plays in other people’s stories.

🎥 Season’s Greetin’s (WI) | Directed by Owen Imgrund

A dark comedy about two friends who hope to buy a car but discover a corpse in its trunk.

🎥The Funeral Photographer (Sawyer, MI) | Directed by Ashley Thompson

A drama/mystery about a photographer tasked with taking photos of all in attendance at a funeral.

🎥Thrashed (MI) | Directed by Joe Nicholas Post

A thriller about two surfers who take matters into their own hands to catch a killer.