Wolf Tree Film Festival – Submissions (Closed)

Wolf Tree Film Festival

In its second year, Wolf Tree Film Festival aims to showcase films set in Michigan or that include Michigan-related subject matter, as well as the work of filmmakers who reside in or grew up in Michigan. Submitted films should be no longer than 30 minutes, and all genres will be considered.

The festival will include screenings of each selected film, a Q&A with select filmmakers, an awards presentation, a networking mixer, and a toast to the filmmakers.

The Wolf Tree Film Festival takes place in historic Marshall, Michigan, a gorgeous small town with a vibrant artistic community. Hosted by the Franke Center for the Arts and Marshall’s Youngish Professionals Committee, the festival is held at Franke Center, originally a church built in 1921, now an arts complex that is the proud home of world-class concerts, inspiring theater, and award-winning movies.

Why “Wolf Tree?” According to legend, the Wolf Tree was a lone, prominent tree that once stood in the middle of Marshall. The first settler in the area sought refuge in the heights of the tree as wolves and bears roamed the dirt lane and forest that would one day become the city’s downtown. Later, a platform was built in the large oak’s branches where it is said a sentry, seeking the faint glow of wolves’ eyes, would hunt, eager to protect the village from threats hidden in the darkness below. It is a wild history, a bold story, and a great homage to the films that will be featured at this exciting annual event.Awards & Prizes

Additional juried awards may be added prior to the festival, pending film entries.

An Audience Choice award will also be given, as well as a prize for Best Actor or Actress.

All award winners will receive a physical award. Pending festival sponsorship and donations, additional small cash prizes may also be provided.

Submissions are now closed.

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