Dr. Sami Ahmed

Spotlight: Dr. Sami Ahmed


In this month’s YPC Spotliight, we talk to a local Youngish physician.

Part doctor, part basketball enthusiast, part lumber jack, and an all-around great guy. That’s Dr. Sami Ahmed. Having lived in many different places and now landing in Marshall, Sami takes to the orange chair to share with us his experiences and what he appreciates about small-town living…

Adam Hecox

Spotlight: Adam Hecox


YPC Spotlight

In this month’s YPC Spotlight, we talked to Adam Hecox, hard-core peace-loving hippie and woodworker extraordinaire.

Adam’s a Marshall-native who spent his 20’s exploring places like Yosemite, Detroit, Orlando, Alaska, and Panama, before moving back to Marshall. The 35-year-old is the lead craftsman behind Shaded Pony Woodworks, a new subset of the ever-expanding Dark Horse Brewing Company’s line of products.