Wolf Tree - Marshall, MI

2021 Wolf Tree Film Festival Official Selections


Wolf Tree Film Festival proudly presents the 2021 Official Selections for short films (all genres) which will be virtually screened on BingeWave from 6pm – 9pm (EST), January 23rd. Support local filmmaking while enjoying an evening of cinema and entertainment for just $15 + processing fee (hosted by Lance Barber)!

For the best viewing experience on BingeWave, please do not use 3G/4G but WIFI and do not use the browser Safari.

2021 Wolf Tree Official Selections

CONTENT WARNING: Some films included in this festival contain mature content that may be inappropriate for young viewers and may be triggering for others. Viewer discretion is advised.


Written & Directed by Hugo Lacasse · Produced by Futur Media Inc.
An “Instababe” puts her physical and mental health on the line to compete against a younger, more popular rival.

Salt River Water Walk

Directed & Produced by Krista Davis & Jenny Zander
In February 2020, Sharon Day (Ojibwe) led a group of Water Walkers through the Arizona desert to walk for the Salt River. Through animation and live-shot footage, this documentary travels with the Salt River Water Walkers, describing this Indigenous-led ceremony as it creates community and builds relationships with the earth through the shared goal to care for the water.


Directed by Orlando Leroi · Produced by Marissa Duignan· Written by Malik Bibbie
After a brutal interaction with the police, a young black father’s search for freedom takes him beyond the limits of the atmosphere.

Medical Help

Directed by Lanessa Miller · Produced by Walkingstick Music LLC · Written by Dwight L. Wilcox II
An animated video illustrating the original swing jazz song Medical Help by Dwight L. Wilcox II with relevance to the era in which we are living.


Directed by Hannah Byrd · Produced by Emily ‘Mealz’ Smith, Jason Howard, Andrew Accaioli & Fatima Al Saif
A previously homeless man takes a ride through his past in order to understand the present and how it affects his future.

Bathroom Break

Directed by Simone LeClaire · Produced by Xiaolu Wang · Written by Simone LeClaire & Marina Kittaka
Mari gets more than she bargained for when she spends her night out hiding in the bathroom.

As We Are

Written & Directed by Michael R Faulkner · Produced by Robin Miller Ungar
When Evan Bertrand was diagnosed with autism at eighteen months, doctors told his mother, Andrea, to go home and mourn the loss of a “normal child.” Instead, she and her son went on to discover his gift for music together. Twenty years later, Evan and Andrea are putting on the biggest concert of his life, just as they are.

Lily in the Maze

Written & Directed by Alexandra Emmons & Andrew Juhl ·
Produced by Alexandra Emmons, Andrew Juhl & John Morrow

Will, a quiet introvert, deals with a change in his routine on the same day a woman from his past appears. His self-control is put to the test as he struggles to harness his instincts during a confrontation that ends in a surreal mirror maze.


Written & Directed by Anna Rust
A troubled woman records her journey to finding her mother after she was abandoned more than a decade ago.

DATE: January 23, 2021
TIME: 6pm – 9pm (EST)
TICKETS: https://www.bingewave.com/f/wolf-tree-film-festival
HOST: Lance Barber

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